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How to check our Pan Card Status ?? This is big question to lakh of people in now a days . We all know how important is pan card in our life. According to income tax department order pan card is a compulsory identification card . It must to take any Demand Draft or to transfer money or else to make any transaction related to financial .To make those financial transactions with our name we compulsory had to have a pan card. That much important of pan card information is not available in major Government websites . This is very shame to us . So that we started serving the details with you . In below lines you can catch the detailed information of  "" How To Check Pan Card Status ""

Generally people think that if any thing is compulsory then people thinks to arrange that . Like in the same way when bankers or registration department officers , LIC officers asked for pan popularly called as Permanent Account Number - PAN , Then we will run for to apply pan card.  Ha ha ha it is some thing interesting to laugh but it is real . Some people also dont know how to apply Pan Card for that kind of people we offering a link to do it simply just go with link and read the article to know  How To Apply Pan Card Online . If you already done this and have a acknowledgement number then read below lines   

Finally i will come for the main topic that is how to check pan card status by name or date of birth . All people think that this is very difficult to know but it is really very simple and it will finish with a 3 simple steps. Here we enclosing the 3 steps with description just have a deep look on the details .

Opening Website Open website
After opening the page you will see a yellow color box including of 3 options . In there you will see Application type , Acknowledgement Number , Name and date of birth

STEP 1 : Select Application Type as "" PAN ""
 In here this is the option to what you have applied for ?? In NSDL website if you applied for PAN then select PAN else if you applied TAN then select TAN as selection my moving and selecting it with your computer mouse . Once selected this step has finished

STEP 2 : Please Tick on it and enter your Acknowledgement Number ( This Option Have Choice )
If you have Pan Card applied receipt then check it for Acknowledgement number . In Pan card applied receipt it will be in the right side top . So just enter it if you dont found that receipt need not to worry we can get status of our pan card by our name and date of birth also just read below last but not least powerful step for easily check Pan status / Pan Card status .

STEP 3 : In this step just tick on last option and  enter your name as  Surname or Last Name next First Name then Enter Middle Name after that select your date of birth mentioned on identification proof submitted for your pan card application . Last but not least go with SUBMIT option . That's it your Pan application status will display in your computer screen . We know how you feeling now ?? Hope exiting na ?? Now you have successfully learned how to check Pan card status in Online by name and date of birth , With Knowledge number .

The above image will show all above steps orally If you have more doubts contact us by email .Thanks for being with us . Please share your experiences with us by below comment box. We like to answer your comments.
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In that both login options same id and password working . I think this option will no longer work for telangana why because till now the id and passwords are in the data base of telngana servers so that its working now. In soon meeseva is going to divide andhra pradesh server to separate . After finishing this process both states need to pay money to aponline for the maintenance of  servers. Currently the share of amount is 48 : 52 percent to telangana : Andhra pradesh .

So people who are from telangana feeling very happy for receiving telangana state services . We also feeling happy to serve for both states . In soon we will be back with meeseva telangana details with meesevatg websites. We want all your blessing to start our new project . Thanks for being with us please stay with us we will be back in soon with more details related to meeseva TG.
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