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Aadhar Card Number Is Mandatory In Vehicle Registrations / RTO Registrations

Aadhar / Aadhar card is mandatory in RTO Office / Vehicle registration too . This is officially confirmed by the state government of india. According to this orders every new vehicle registering customers and every renewal registration customer , every re registration customers need to have their own aadhar card . After mentioning their aadhar card number only the registration process will comes to end else it will put in hold status , when you check for the application status it will show you in  processing status. After you submitting the aadhar documnet only allows it to finish the process. If their aadhar card num is not yet generated they must wait some days to register in their names. other wise they are advised to register the vehicle number in their family members name on behalf of him. If this policy comes exist all vehicle owners must to seed their aadhar number in RTO office.

Already Bank Accounts successfully seeded to aadhar card . in past days through website we informed you those details clearly about how to link your bank account with aadhar card. If you not read that details just go through here. Check Details  . Not only that even Gas agencies also started seeding aadhar number to gas account number. If we seeded our aadhar only allows us for government giving subsidy else we are not eligible for government subsidy policy. Here are the details about "' How To Link Your Gas Number With Aadhar Card & Is it essential or not to link your aadhar , What are the steps involved in linking aadhar number with hp / Indane / Bharat gas accounts . Recently we hear that Aadhar number is also linking to Ration Cards , Aadhar number is also linking with Land Registrations  May be the links will helpful to you . Just read our articles by following the mentioned links. Now again Aadhar Is Mandatory to Filling Petrol In Petrol Bunks

Now again to come for the main topic .in vehicle registration too aadhar card is essential. On Some days back at the end of 2013 on wards supreme court says aadhar is not mandatory to all . The justice say that aadhar is not a compulsory part to every government policy. It is an optional only. Bt our governments is obeying the supreme court judgement too. Actually there are so many befit's involved in aadhar number seeding process. the main reason is to avoid fraud in india is the main concept . To linking every policy and every government identification with aadhar number will causes to avoiding of issuing multiple times. By that we can stop issuing the same benfits multiple times to the same person. SO it causes to serving the best to all. It is the main reason in linking all departments to aadhar. But due to considering the public inconvenience the justice has given orders in 2013 it self. But now a days more than 85 % of people having their aadhar number so if the percentage fulfilled  to 100 % then the benefits of aadhar seeding will comes existence. Hoping for the best and all the best to India . 
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Aadhar Card Number In Petrol Bunks Tooo

Now Uidai Aadhaar / Aadhar card number has to mention in petrol bunks too . This is not yet  officially conformed by the central government and state government too but in soon the government of andhra pradesh planning to put this plan into action. More details of this on few days back govt of andhra pradesh has decided that from now on wards every person who are filling petrol or diesel in every filling station has to mention their Vehicle number , driving licence number and aadhar card number. At every month end all records will be sent to the certain ministry office. This is the plan going to put in andhra pradesh and telangana state too. According to this policy every person who needs petrol may required to mention his correct details. By this process all department identifications come under aadhar number. By this govt will identify the fact of is he attempting cheating in any govt policies or not. If he tried to cheat govt in any manner then surely he will .

To come up for the main topic in up coming days every person must have their aadhar number . We all know aadhar is an unique identification number. By this all govt services will be served in upcoming days . Already a new policy running in AP / TG states too which is the newly register vehicle numbers which is who are going to vehicle registration are compulsory required to attach their aadhar number in the application form else their registration will be put on hold. Then the person who missed his aadhar number has to register his vehicle after the mention  of aadhar card number only.

According to this policy ever person who are planning to newly registration of their 2 , 3 , 4 wheeler vehicles need to seed their aadhar number with the registration form. This is effected from December month. By this govt will easily identify the facts of their family. For example if those person is issued white ration card , and he have assets then surely aadhar seeding may intimate this to govt, by this he will surely identified so that aadhaar card attaching /aadhar number seeding is mandatory in al departments .  And one more thing is Aadhar Card Number is Mandatory In Issuing Of Driving Licence Too . Get more details here

In past two days back we heard a flash news which is in Land registrations too aadhar card number is mandatory in upcoming days.We already informed this news via article in our blog if you missed those article Get More Details Here  Already in some registration offices at telangana state this policy is applied and its giving good results. So aadhaar seeding is a compulsory task in all govt policies in up coming days. So we request every one who dont have aadhar card yet kindly register your new aadhar online. For more details about aadhar Card follwo the below links.
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Aadhar Card Number Is Mandatory For Land Registrations In Ap / Tg

In soon aadhar / Aadhaar card number is going to link with land records. as part of digitalization all accounts are linking to aadhar card now. As part of that banking has linked to aadhar , gas number is linked to aadhar , Passport is also coming to link up with aadhar now its turn to registration department. So in soon at andhra pradesh / Telangana states at registration department we have to produce aadhar card number in the time of land registrations . We all know that aadhar is the one of the best solution to stop cheating . So that government is planning to link aadhar card number to permanent assests . In soson PAN card number also link with aadhar card number. If it rally happens no one may have chance to escape. After linking banking services to aadhar card number of fake accounts has closed . And by linking aadhar number with banking services now govt has chance to know what they doing .

Recently in andhra pradesh and telangana state we seen that at Gold loan raithu runa mafi policy too used aadhar number to trace fake accounts . Before the aadhar seeding process govt found that there are 78000 crores to pay for the runa mafi program . Finally after finishing the aadhar seeding a maximum amount of people who applied for the raithu runa mafi scheme are fake . So that govt saved a lot of money. In the same way to put a check for the mistakes and cheating in land registrations , Ap , TG is going to put order to use aadhar card number in the time of land and plots registration.

According to that if the policy has implemented in andhra pradesh , those people who have already got finished their land registrations may required to produce their aaadhar card number . So i request you all to get ready for submission of your uidai - Unique Identification Authority Of India  to the registration department. Please note that this is not officially confirmed by the both state governments . Please note that it is only a gossip running in news papers and electronic media . this is about the news of Aadhar card is mandatory for land registrations in ap / tg . Thanks for visiting us. Please stay with us we will be back in soon.
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How To Apply Voter Id Card In Andhra Pradesh / Telangana

How to Apply Voter id card Online is a simple issue . In Previous Article we given the step wise details about Voter id card E registration procedure . In case if you miss out that details check From Here . Now again the season of election came so that to motivate the people about voote card registration this time we focused who not registered even they have 18 or above age and to motivate the fresher candidates we came in front of you with these details. To day i am going to provide you the specific & easy method to voter id card registration .

How-to-apply-voter-id-card-in-andhra-pradesh-telanganaTo register as new voter in andhra pradesh applicants have to visit andhra pradesh election commission official website which is well known as . To register as new voter in Telangana applicant has to go through telangana election commission offiicla website which is newly started  After visiting the home page of ceoandhra / ceotelangana website there you will see  the option of E Registration in the top of the slider . If you clicked on that it will open a option menu to down. in there select FORM 6 , Newly enrolling candidates from their computer are recommended that only put a 240 * 320 size resolution image in image column and mention the correct address and mobile number for further assistance. If you want step wise help in filling online application form Just Go From Here    

What Applications For What :
If you are 18 plus age and not registered till now you are fresher . So fresher candidates need to go through FORM 6 option. Who are  looking to remove their names from voter list are advised to go through FORM - 7 , Who are looking to change address , House Number , Street name are recommended for FORM 8 ,  Poling station change , Constitution change candidates are advised to FORM 8A ,

How To Know Your Vote Is In Or Out in the List :
 By entering the Ceo andhra website in the top you will see search your name option . Select that option . Now select district , Constitution , type your name (Check 2nd time with sur name ) , Male / female and any where option finally select search . Now you will see the search names there you will check your name. If you may not found details in 2nd time check only with your sur name in the place of your name. expect that all option are same. Still not found your name then ask BLO for Voter list . The Blo Contact details also available in ceo andhra website in top lost colum. Hope this information will helps you a lot . Thanks for reading and thanks for being with us . 
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