Ration Card Corrections / Ration Card Mutations Online

Ration Card Corrections / Ration Card Mutations Online

Ration Card Corrections Online - Ration Card Mutations Online :
We all well know how important is ration card . In that important ration card if we got any mistakes related to name or address or date of birth and more .. What to do ?? how to correct mistakes in your ration card ?? dont have an idea about the ration card corrections ?? Get an idea ha ha ha  ... :)  It is not an Idea Cellular add to get instant idea . It is real life so we wont get an idea with out knowing any thing related that procedure. Dont worry today we are here to offer you about the ration card corrections details. befre going to apply for ration card correction in andhra pradesh please make sure that you have an ration card in ap and please make sure that any other identification proof document related to the changes. For example if you want to change your address you must have any other residence proof document like voter id card , aadhar card , bank account pass book or residence certificated issued by VRO .

Types Of Ration Card Corrections :
Generally there are 3 types of corrections available in online . they are name correction , age correction , address correction. In name correction we can change our name mistakes only not able to change full name or replacing it with new name . In ration card Address change we are able to change our new residence address . in age correction type we only allows to provide date of birth . Please note that to apply for any change we need such related documents.
Required Documents For Ration Card Correction:

  • Old Ration Card
  • Ration Card Mutation Application Form 
  • Refference Identification Proof

How Many Ways We Can Correct Our Ration Card :
There are 3 ways to correct our ration card one is through Online and 2nd one is through manual procedure. In online we can get the service from two ways one is applying for ration card mutations from meeseva (mee seva Online centers ) , e seva (eseva Online Centers ) and second one is putting urgy in MRO office or Ap civil supplies office.

Ration Card Correction / Ration Card Mutation Online In Meeseva Eseva  :
In meeseva we can apply for ration card age correction and name correction , address correction. All of corrections need a identification proof with those changing details . The application submitted by you takes minimum of 15 working days to approve or reject. So once you applied for this you will be charged 28/- rupees for the service charge.

Ration Card Correction Through MRO / Ap civil supplies Office :
In these procedure you need to visit  your MRO office computer operator or Ap civil supplies office computer operator and need to request him for the address change , name change , age change . He will verify your reference identification proof and if everything is fine then he will change your details in ration card. Immediately your ration card details will change in data base.

Ration Correction Through  Manual Way :
In this way every one need to put an urgy to MRO to change their ration card details. In past days this is available but after coming e governance it is banned by govt . Why because in this procedure VRo and MRO cadre officers demanding money from poor people if they paid money work is going fastly other wise their applications are dropping in dustbins so its been banned by Govt and now it is doing through meeseva centers.