Apathbandhu Scheme In Andhra Pradesh

Apathbandhu Scheme In Andhra Pradesh

Apathbandhu Scheme In AP Andhra Pradesh :
apathbandhu scheme is a great scheme established by Dr. YS Rajasekhar Reddy in ap. It provides the pension which means a monthly financial help to the old aged people and physically handicapped people. By this scheme thousand of people who exceeds 6o years will come under this scheme not only this but also physically handicapped people which means that who have lost their hands , legs , eyes , dumb , deaf , blind all type of candidates will come under this service.

In Past days at 2k7 CM rajasekhar reddy started this tremendous schemes and got a great response from the state people. Before 2007 in ap there is only some low amount of people were getting pensions no increment in amount, At that time past Chief minister has increased the compensation greatly from 500 to 1500 . And also offered 3% reservation to the phc people in all jobs.

So many people rounding around MRO offices to get the benefits of apathbandhu scheme but no use. So many officers have changed and several years going but no one will helped to them. The whole credit only goes for ysr. After YSR, present CM Kiran Kumar reddy has modified this scheme and available it in online. It is a great news to all people who were looking for this apathbandhu scheme in andhra pradesh. So we request every one looking for this , are advised to apply in nearest meeseva center to get benefit of this apathbandhu scheme. Thanks for being with us.


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