- Hungama Is Now At Android App - Hungama Is Now At Android App Tie up With Karbonn Mobiles :
The budding Hand set manufacturer karbonn Mobiles enters into a tie up with a music application provider, Hungama Music.  The all intention is to make users experience more music at the finger tips and thus enhance the existing technology corner for this edition of smart phones.

The mobile app offers Asian music including Telugu, Hindi, and Bhojpuri styles in addition with the entertainment videos for over a period of 30 days on unlimited basis of data usage. Karbonn Executive Director Shashin Devsare told that the company’s idea is to neutralize the growing attention toward entertainment parameters and make user experience more ease while swinging with the music. While getting involved with the app one can acquire redeemable points subject to their intensity and load of usage relating to music and all.

The yet another mind boggling capability of the smart phone is that it calibrates the mood of the user and plays the music accordingly and this being called ‘mood discovery’ feature. This Karbonn smart eco-sphere which is sought to level the music needs sync with the current day requirements and seems to be a corner stone of strategies taken for penetration of brand deep into the masses with a hold of nerve for music.


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