Microsoft Windows Update To Old Versions

Microsoft Windows Update To Old Versions

Microsoft Insists on Up Gradation from Windows xp to Windows 7 or Windows 8:
Microsoft, the leading software giant asks its windows xp and office 2003 users, to start migrating to new versions such as windows7 or windows8. As this may appear to be peculiar, because of the sudden announcement. But this is not as sudden as it seems according to the company’s software lifecycle policy stipulation whish states that a maximum of 10 years of service support (5 years main stream support, 5 years extended support) is endowed to the users of its products.

One may wonder what, if the up gradation is not deployed. The answer to the question that, as migration is not done before April 8, 2014 the extended support will come to an end and so be including the security services provided to the system against software threats if any .and this applies to small, medium, large scale computer applications. In the information exclusively furnished by the Microsoft the computer based firms will be affected of even losing customer data if the deployment is not employed before the stipulated time period.

Well, this all for the genuine users of the software product who are currently receiving the extended support.  For others there’s not much change as they are never entitled to the service of any level, don’t worry! The systems might not crash down.


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