Aadhar Is Not Mandatory To Students - Supreme Court Says

Aadhar card is not mandatory to students for epass and scholarships . This is not our website status it is stated by the supreme court . Yes really just enquiry about recent supreme court orders related to aadhar card we have admitted the recent news channels updates after reading the sources , then we are noticing this information. Dear visitors from now onwards who are worrying  about linkage to their epass website about their aadhar card , should not worry about the seeding their aadhar card details . Sources said recently supreme court orders central government to do not make aadhar mandatory for all government policies . According to the state given by supreme , all state government's should take their strict orders to back. so in soon you are going to free. Lets be happy.

More details of this Vijay sampla who was the minister of state for social justice and empowerment has given a reply answer to some questions raised in lok sabha . According to his answers , whether the students have aadhar cards that is no problem else weather they don’t have Aadhar cards won’t to worry about their eligibility in scholarships. Who are applying for 2015 - 2016 academic year and dont have aadhar cards yet need not to worry . Their scholarship amount will be directly added to their banks account of selected beneficiaries . The Scholarships would soon get released to help the needy students to reach their goals and aspirations of getting higher studies.

In another question raised in lok sabha  the minister replied that the necessary instructions have also been issued to ensure that no eligible beneficiary for the scholarship suffers for want of Aadhar . Students please note that if you have any complaints related to the scholarships problems related to aadhar linking you have an another option to complain in Centralised Public Grievance Redressal forum. The monitoring system have already 106 branches at nation wide to take complaints. Recently the number is scheduled to expand. So kindly use this great opportunity to use your rights. Supreme and Lok Sabha clearly mentioned that Aadhar cards would not be mandatory for the beneficiaries to get eligible for scholarships and all other government policies . May this article will help you . Thanks in advance for reading. Please stay tune us for latest updates. 
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Lats 3 Days To Link Your LPG To Aadhar Card

Aadhar card gas linking process has started so many days back this is all well known  issue . But recently the supreme court of india is stated that aadhar card is not mandatory to all govt policies. According to that statement made by supreme , several states which made aadhar mandatory took back step. Maharshtra govt tooo took back step in aadhar seeding at ration cards. But as per the dead line made by govt of india to seed aadhar with all identifications is going to close in 3 more days . Public is in un decided manner . they are not know either to seed or not.  From my end i strongly recommend you to seed your all cards like ration election passport pan card like more now with aadhar card. Why because who have already seeded their card number with all accounts like bank , passport and more are getting fast benefit .

I recently heard that who having aadhar card number may get their passport with in 10 days .  This is really amazing actually to get passport the process as minimum as take 30 days but with aadhar seeding we dont wanna go again for eye scanning finger prints scanning much more why because all  our data have been stored in govt data base with our aadhar number .  So again no need to do the routeen process . Now a days technology is running according to the technology innovation we have to run . So by involving aadhar in passport applying no need to some kind of proceedings . so time will saved our passport may get 10 days to reach us.

And i also hear that who having aadhar card number may get LPG connection with in 1 day .. ? Is it real or not next matter .. may be its possible with the same way like passport.  And driving licence too . Now its turn to Election voter id cards ,today its turn to incometax too . Who have linked their aadhar cards in efiling income tax website , those candidates can easily pay their tax returns with our data entry . So lets seed our aadhar card number with LPG and more for the better nation . Thanks in advance for following us .
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Get Your Passport In 10 Days With Aadhar Card Number

"" Applicants With Aadhar Card Number May Get Their Passport In 10 Days ?? "" Sources say yes. from last 1 month we are seeing so many changes in all government policies. As per the of government orders and supreme court confirmation , Every government policy is must to link with the beneficiary aadhar card number. In order of getting e governance faster central government takes a decision to move passport files faster with aadhar card number. According to the decision made by Airport Authority Of India Aadhar number is mandatory in Passport application in up coming days. But with aadhar card the process of passport may finish in 10 working days. So it is very good news to everyone who seeking their passport . If the policy come work we may going to get our passport in just 10 days .

More details of this . Aadhar card department which is well known as Unique Identification Authority Of India - UIDAI has registered persons private data like all finger prints , iris , thumb prints , photos everything in aadhar enrolling time. We all know this new. To come for the main topic in past days after passport approval AAI taking all details of applicant like thumb impression photo scan , iris scan like everything . So that whole process may taken much time to finish passport approving task . But now with aadhar card no need of taking biometric finger prints and photos iris etc.. All data has already in aadhar server na so why should again ? To avoid the lengthy process AAI - Airport Authority Of India & Passport Authority Of India combinable taken this decision.

According to the decision of those 2 departments and central government in soon we are going to enable these services and we are going to enjoy those 10 days easy and simple passport getting felicity . This is very sweet news to all passport lovers. Hmmm. you have to offer me a pani puri party for posting this good news to all of your sake.  dear friends get ready to enable this services in up coming days .
Note : Please note that this above article given information is collected from various sources. This is not officially conformed yet. In up coming days these felicity coming to work. Please wait until the official announcement. Sources from India  
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Last 15 Days To Link Aadhar To Gas And Bank

Hai friends have you linked your LPG gas connection to aadhar card ?? have you linked  your bank account to aadhar card ? If you did it just pass this information to your well wishers else just read the full details . In the time of  UPA government 2014 Supreme court says "' Aadhar is not mandatory to any government policies. It is an optional only "' but after forming of NDA govt in Central .. the bjp govt has identified the value of aadhar card after 1 month of  ruling the prime minister Mr . Narendra Modi jee said to use aadhar for all govt policies . According to the prime minister state all banks and gas agencies started action plan. Again people irritated in linking their bank and lpg accounts with aadhar. Some of people knocked the door steps of  Legal authority .

In  the legal cell the petition has filed and after a number of dates finally on few days back sc asks central govt to submit their opinion about aadhar .  For that the indian govt delayed some days and finally at yesterday central govt cabinet minister declares and submit their voice to supreme court about the issue on aadhar card seeding. According to the declaration got is going with aadhar .

So according to the fresh decision made by central govt aadhar is must for every govt policy. We seen that at last 2 days back CEO - Chief Electoral Officer declares that they are moving with aadhar to avoid bhogus and fake voter cards . So now its time to clean the india . So hurry up guys no time to link your LPG gas connection and Bank account. The BJP govt set Mar 1 st is the last date to finish aadhar number seeding. Looks like this time no date postponement happens for people if it is necessary at that time govt will announce the new date officially . As per present news there is no postponement of aadhar seeding date. The last date is mar 1st .
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