Again Aadhar Card Not Mandatory To LPG

"' Aadhar card number is not mandatory to all "' it is the orders of supreme court in past few months back . But after changed of  central government from congress to BJP , The BJP government relaised the value of aadhar card and aadhaar number seedingto every government policy . For that again in their government the Modi jee government issued orders to re open the file and issued the orders to re use the same policy. Actually there are several benefits in seeding of  aadhar card number to every government offering policy . By applying aadhar to every thing we can trace the frauds . But in seeding the people who are from villages may getting hesitation with LPG dealers and Bank officers . Regularly the rounding to offices but officers not taking their files . Due to these reasons people getting hesitation in seeding their aadhar numbers to their accounts .
Aadhar number seeding to LPG

In the time of congress govt  days , one day one of the common man filed a petition aginest in mandatory of  aadhar to every think in banks , LPG , Civil Supplies and more . For that the supreme court justify that aadhar is not mandatory to all it is just optional . So that day several agencies stopped demanding aadhar for their accounts. Again by changing the govt in central now again aadhar seeding comes to work.

Now again a high refusals coming from public about this decision . For that the Central Civil Supplies minister immediately responded like this . According to the central minister Mr. Dinesh Gundu Rao press meet aadhar card number seeding is not a mandatory thing to get subsidy of LPG . Even it is not mandatory it is advisable to everyone . Who have already Linked their aadhar number to LPG are need not to worry about this . Their subsidy will added to their account automatically. And the last date for aadhar number seeding is March 31st for now. May be for the convience of public it may post pone but this is not newly introduced policy so the chances to seed UID number last date postpone chances is very low. So guys who want to link LPG get hurry up. Thanks for Reading this article. Get more related articles on below .
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Aadhar Card Registration For Jail Inmates At Soon ??

In india almost 76 % of people have finished enrolling their aadhar card. In those percentage maximum number of people reached their aadhaar cards and some places still late in receiving but at least rejected people too enrolled but what about the prison facing candidates ?? Any one thinks about them ? They too indians and they too have right to live . If they are in prison ( jail ) who will enrol their names and photos ?? It is very big question to government of india . I think this is a question of a common man who is faced this problem personally. Any how a great question . We appriciate the person who raised this question. We all are indian's they too have right to live in india . If they are in jail now in up coming days they will be released then who will register their aadhar cards at that time ? Who knows how many days will the govt do this enrolling ? So the person asks very intelligently.
aadhar card registration for inmates

My the raised question government of india open their eyes and took this into action. So according to the decisions of took place action in soon which means in up coming days who are facing jail siksha in prison are going to their enrol ( Register )  their unique identification numbers (UIDAI Aadhaar card numbers ) . This is very happy news to the inmates . So guys get ready for your aadhaar numbers . We herd so many families are facing this issue . Now with the govt decision almost all inmates are going to get their personal aadhar's .

According to the gossips raised on NDTV in soon 2350 Kanpur Prison Inmates are getting ready to move fro this procedure. In order of registrations a team of aadhar seeding will go to Kanpur jail regularly and finish the process in the middle of a tight security . Hope for the best . Thanks to Indian Govt and Jaipur state govt too for taking a nice decision for giving living chance to every one . We appriciate your good work.
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Aadhar Card Mandatory For Election Voter ID Cards Too in Soon ???

Aadhar Card is now mandatory for Ration card , Bank pass book , Civil Supplies , Runa Mafi , Birth Certificates , passport , Driving licence , Vehicle Registration , Land Registrations , Epass Scholarships and Pensions tooo .. Ufff... A big number of list have in involving of aadhar card number seeding in those list now its trun of voter id card too. Yes its real friends .. govt of india election department is thinking to link aadhar card number with election identification card too. By this the department of election commission thinking to remove fake voters from voter list. It is a good idea but applying this is a big process. May be it will surely comes to process. why i am saying like this was we seen several government projects are linking with aadhar card number to avoid scams and mis usages .. So now its trun to election voter id card. So guys get ready to enroll your voter id card with your unique identification authority of india issued 16 digit number.
aadhar card number seeding to election voter id card

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Aadhar Card Is Mandatory For Epass Scholarships

Hello everybody .. Today i came in front of you with a hot topic which is related to scholarships .. In andhra pradesh , telangana states more than 40 lakh of students are studying with the help of epass scholarships . After state bifurcation of andhra pradesh As Telangana + Andhra pradesh , in both states governments found a number of people using the fake details and even collages to miss using the benefits of those program . For that govt has decided to apply aadhaar card number for every epass account. Then who tried to apply for 2nd account needs to enter aadhar number if no aadhar card number then no epass it is the new scheme . SO every citizen of indian must have to aadhar for getting benefits provided by state govt and central government too this is the concept.
Aadhar Card Seeding To Epass

According to the orders given from social welfare ministry every person must have to register epass account with his aadhar card number . These orders has made in  last 1 year back for the inconvenience of students who really dont have aadhar still now .. for those candidates govt of ap and govt of telangana given some time. Now that time too finished , So now the both governments are ready to apply the policy strictly. By this we will identify the scam's . Any person tried to give his aadhar number in multiple accounts he will be liable to laws .

In last 1 month back at other states to following the aadhaar seeding program in every govt policy. In order of that , The Govt of UP Board stated to their students who doesnot have the UIDAI aadhaar card number are not permitted to receive scholarships . It will effect from the date of Jan 15th. So students need to take minimum care about their scholarships and tution fees. In soon some other states to publish these details officially.

Already in andhra pradesh we noticed aadhar seeding in Gas , Bank Accounts , Runa Mafi program ,Ration Cards , Civil Supplies benefits , Pinchens ,  Driving Licences , Vehicle Registrations , Land Registrations and now its time to Voter Cards tooo. Get ready to link your aadhar card number with your election voter id card .

In order to warn students we providing this article to all of you.  So my dear students who are pursuing different courses in utter pradesh state andhra pradesh state , telangana too are advised to register your aadhar card now for getting benefits from your state education board and social welfare board. Thanks for being with us . Stay with us for latest alerts . 
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